Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Is there no end to their effrontery?

So the three disgraced Labour MPs, Chaytor, Morley and Devine, who are going on trial for fraudulent expenses claims, have got the gall to claim legal aid.
Not content with having cheated the tax-payer out of tens of thousands of pounds, they are now out to cost us hundreds of thousands more. The final bill may be in millions. It is clear that they have no shame and no sense of honour.
These men are part of a failed government which has ruined our economy and landed us in a situation of nightmare debt, so much debt that it is doubtful whether even our children's generation will be able to pay it off. Yet they are rapacious as ever when it comes to rifling the public purse.
We have had so many scandals now that we have become blasé. The expenses scandal, the cash-for-honours scandal, the party funding scandals, the cash-for-influence scandal (I'm a cab for hire! said Myners) ... but surely this is still an all-time low.
If Morley, Chaytor and Devine care nothing for the public, they could at least have considered their party, in the middle of a general Election. But they have as much scruple as you would expect of the followers of Lord Voldemort.
Do remember that if you vote Labour you are not just voting for your own MP (however nice and hard-working they may be). You are also voting for Margaret Moran, and all that rotten self-serving bunch.

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