Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Clegg Brazens it Out

Well done, Jon Snow, for giving the nauseating Nick Clegg a good grilling today on Channel 4 .
The Libdem leader accepted £3.5 million pounds in illegal donations to his campaign from non-doms, people who don't live in Britain for tax purposes (only when it suits them). Clegg did not even blush as he made excuses and pathetically tried to pretend there was a moral difference between him and the Tories.
Clegg is a liar and a hypocrite, a real brazen crook.
He is all style and no substance. He learned his part, imitating David Cameron, and impressed a TV audience who watch dummies like him on soap opera every evening.
What would you expect of the LibLabCon trio? They are all the same. It makes no difference at all whether the Libdems' dirty donors are lords or hold positions in their party - the point is that by giving money in an election campaign they are influencing the outcome of that election, meddling in government when they avoid paying taxes. It is disgraceful that the Electoral Commission does not demand they pay the money back. Look how unjust the system is. When a UKIP donor was found to have been missed off the local electoral register, his donation was confiscated and UKIP has been told to pay a huge amount £750,000 in legal fees for the hearing. Yet the donor Alan Bown was a British resident, does pay tax and got the money legally.
Justice? Ha ha. What a sham this "democracy" is.

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