Monday, 5 April 2010

April 5th 2010

It is very interesting that there is now a movement for an English Parliament.
People have begun to sense at last that democracy has been eroded.
The real government of this country has been moved to the EU and what we have here are now puppet parliaments.
It is not enough just to ask for an English Parliament, when the EU has already abolished England as an entity. It is no longer a nation state. We in Oxfordshire are just part of the Channel region. In the eyes of the EU, England no longer exists.
I believe we should leave the EU and the parliament at Westminster should rule the country without outside interference.
At the moment, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have two lots of MPs and get double representation. They also get more money per capita because of the Barnett system and other anomalies.
UKIP has an excellent alternative system which is part of our manifesto. The same MPs who represent Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would sit in their own regional assemblies for one week or more per month, and in London for the rest of the time. When they were absent, the result would be an English parliament which would deal with all business that is confined to England.
We would have fewer salaries to pay and the voters would be much clearer about who really represents them.

We don't need more government, we need less. Already we have three layers of government - EU, Westminster and local. All of them cost a fortune and only the EU now has real power. The others have to do what the commissioners dictate. They are pressing ahead with ID cards and a surveillance state that will stretch from Dublin to Odessa. How many people in Oxford even know that we have got an ID office here?

The only answer is to vote for a political party that honestly believes in leaving the EU. We would be richer, freer and more independent if we did.

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