Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Clegg Brazens it Out

Well done, Jon Snow, for giving the nauseating Nick Clegg a good grilling today on Channel 4 .
The Libdem leader accepted £3.5 million pounds in illegal donations to his campaign from non-doms, people who don't live in Britain for tax purposes (only when it suits them). Clegg did not even blush as he made excuses and pathetically tried to pretend there was a moral difference between him and the Tories.
Clegg is a liar and a hypocrite, a real brazen crook.
He is all style and no substance. He learned his part, imitating David Cameron, and impressed a TV audience who watch dummies like him on soap opera every evening.
What would you expect of the LibLabCon trio? They are all the same. It makes no difference at all whether the Libdems' dirty donors are lords or hold positions in their party - the point is that by giving money in an election campaign they are influencing the outcome of that election, meddling in government when they avoid paying taxes. It is disgraceful that the Electoral Commission does not demand they pay the money back. Look how unjust the system is. When a UKIP donor was found to have been missed off the local electoral register, his donation was confiscated and UKIP has been told to pay a huge amount £750,000 in legal fees for the hearing. Yet the donor Alan Bown was a British resident, does pay tax and got the money legally.
Justice? Ha ha. What a sham this "democracy" is.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Did you Hate the Great Debate?

The Gr8 Deb8 was the most boring television show ever. Three white males in identical grey suits standing at lecterns delivering their almost identical opinions on how to disguise the cuts and deny the desperate mess we're in.
There were only one or two entertaining moments and they were both provided by Nick Clegg. One was when he came up with a ridiculous idea about letting immigrants in, but keeping them in one part of the country. Cameron immediately challenged it as unworkable. You cannot be serious! An immigration control at every county boundary?. It gave a glimpse of how truly naive and wet-behind-the-ears the Libdem leader is. The second was when Mr Clegg described how he had walked into a hospital ward in England and was told that though expensively-equipped, it could not be used because they aren't permitted to employ non-EU staff.
What a clanger!
Surely his team had warned him not to mention things like that? The Libdems are supposed to have a blind enthusiasm for EU membership, coupled with a blank denial that Brussels is really ruling this country at all.
The EU is the Elephant Unmentioned and both of the other Gr8 Deb8ers kept to the rule that they were not supposed to refer to shhhh...you know what.
To me, these moments were the only light relief in an evening of utter blandness, but it seems that there are a lot of viewers out there who see it in a very different light. They are swept away with enthusiam for Clegg's "performance", and now he is the hero of the Twittering Facebook pollsters.
To people who think a politician and a telly soap star are the same thing, Clegg clearly has an appeal. They don't care that he has been an MP for only five years, and he has no ministerial experience. Tall, good-looking in a dull way, and younger than either of his rivals, he undoubtedly has the confidence of his wealthy, public-school and Cambridge background. He has a glamorous wife with a highly-paid job.
But wait a minute? Haven't we been here before? Didn't we choose someone just like this in 1997... and for many of the same reasons?

In 1997, we elected a brand new, shiny prime minister, all smiles and optimism, and we trusted him to bring in a new era. Blair was young, handsome and confident. He talked centre-left but he had the social ease and assurance of his affluent, public-school background. He was well-advised, well-packaged, and well-surrounded by public relations advisors. And he had an elegant wife with a successful, highly-paid legal career in her own right.

What happened? We got a decade of nasty, unpopular wars and recurrent scandals in public life. A man was found dead in a woodland - suicide? A decade in which business moguls were left to run the economy, titles were sold to raise election funds for the PM's party and little by little, our freedoms were steadily eroded. An era in which more and more government was done by unelected ministers, and faith in democracy plunged. The golden boy Blair turned out to be a lightweight, incapable of standing up to America or resisting the encroachment of EU tyranny.

What have we learned from that experience? Little or nothing, it seems. A lot of the British public seems ready again to fall for a soap-star leader, an inexperienced lightweight whose main attractions are his style and youthful good looks.
Clegg has no principles and no consistent policies. He has vacillated on everything from Trident to tuition fees. When chosen as Libdem leader, he said he wanted to keep a nuclear deterrent; now he says scrap it (he can't even agree with Vince Cable). A few years ago he was offering to abolish university fees; now he has changed his tune. Not long ago, when the Lisbon Treaty was in the news, he offered a firm, unconditional promise that the Libdems would give Britain a referendum on EU membership. Now he has backed down on that too.
Clearly he is skilled in the art of double-talk and political deception, even though he has no experience in taking responsibility at ministerial level. He blames Labour for getting us into a mess - but he never saw it coming.
I imagine it is mainly the first-time voters who are so easily infatuated with a face, a manner and a well-cut suit. Let's hope that they are all too busy twittering or clubbing or chattering on their mobile phones on May 6th to actually go out and vote.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Expenses Pledge

Today I sent this letter to my local newspaper, the Oxford Times:-

It is quite right that the public is outraged and disillusioned by the many scandals there have been in public life recently. The parliamentary expenses scandal is a major factor in discouraging people from voting.

To try to address this, I PLEDGE that, if elected, I will not claim any expenses. Not only will I live within my salary, but I pledge to give the first ten thousand pounds of my salary to a charity approved by you, the electors. I suggest the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture, or Sight-Savers, the international charity for saving people from blindness. Electors will be able to vote on this, by post or e-mail, providing their voting number.

Yours sincerely,
(Dr) Julia Gasper, UKIP PPC for Oxford East.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Is there no end to their effrontery?

So the three disgraced Labour MPs, Chaytor, Morley and Devine, who are going on trial for fraudulent expenses claims, have got the gall to claim legal aid.
Not content with having cheated the tax-payer out of tens of thousands of pounds, they are now out to cost us hundreds of thousands more. The final bill may be in millions. It is clear that they have no shame and no sense of honour.
These men are part of a failed government which has ruined our economy and landed us in a situation of nightmare debt, so much debt that it is doubtful whether even our children's generation will be able to pay it off. Yet they are rapacious as ever when it comes to rifling the public purse.
We have had so many scandals now that we have become blasé. The expenses scandal, the cash-for-honours scandal, the party funding scandals, the cash-for-influence scandal (I'm a cab for hire! said Myners) ... but surely this is still an all-time low.
If Morley, Chaytor and Devine care nothing for the public, they could at least have considered their party, in the middle of a general Election. But they have as much scruple as you would expect of the followers of Lord Voldemort.
Do remember that if you vote Labour you are not just voting for your own MP (however nice and hard-working they may be). You are also voting for Margaret Moran, and all that rotten self-serving bunch.

Monday, 5 April 2010

April 5th 2010

It is very interesting that there is now a movement for an English Parliament.
People have begun to sense at last that democracy has been eroded.
The real government of this country has been moved to the EU and what we have here are now puppet parliaments.
It is not enough just to ask for an English Parliament, when the EU has already abolished England as an entity. It is no longer a nation state. We in Oxfordshire are just part of the Channel region. In the eyes of the EU, England no longer exists.
I believe we should leave the EU and the parliament at Westminster should rule the country without outside interference.
At the moment, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have two lots of MPs and get double representation. They also get more money per capita because of the Barnett system and other anomalies.
UKIP has an excellent alternative system which is part of our manifesto. The same MPs who represent Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would sit in their own regional assemblies for one week or more per month, and in London for the rest of the time. When they were absent, the result would be an English parliament which would deal with all business that is confined to England.
We would have fewer salaries to pay and the voters would be much clearer about who really represents them.

We don't need more government, we need less. Already we have three layers of government - EU, Westminster and local. All of them cost a fortune and only the EU now has real power. The others have to do what the commissioners dictate. They are pressing ahead with ID cards and a surveillance state that will stretch from Dublin to Odessa. How many people in Oxford even know that we have got an ID office here?

The only answer is to vote for a political party that honestly believes in leaving the EU. We would be richer, freer and more independent if we did.