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Rotherham's Labour MPs Complicit in Cover-up

It was no secret to Rotherham's Labour MPs that there was a massive problem of organized sexual abuse going on in their constituencies, but they preferred to turn a blind eye.
Some of them, like Dennis McShane, were too busy carrying out the expenses fraud for which he has since been gaoled.
McShane who, describes himself as "a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie" thought that it would be better to hush the whole matter up, and John Healey, the other Labour MP, decided that it would be inappropriate to hold a full enquiry. He wrote to a constituent in 2012 that holding a public  enquiry would not help the victims. ""I am not sure an inquiry would help the girls and their families, especially if it focuses solely on Rotherham and on Asian men grooming white girls".
As so often in these cases, a large number of records have simply disappeared from the files of social services.
And with a Labour Mayor like Barry Dodson in charge of the council, what do you expect? Mr Dodson has just been charged with two counts of child rape himself. 
Labour Party Mayor Barry Dodson

With a mayor like this in Rotherham what do you expect?

>>You cannot trust Labour MPs. In fact you can't trust any MPs.
A local MP has confided the abuse remained unspoken of for so long because "there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that". A culture of intimidation locally may have also played a part. 
Although reports about child sexual abuse began to surface relatively regularly in the national press in 2011, a year later when John Healey, a Labour MP local to Rotherham, received a letter from a constituent expressing concern he dismissed it. London newspaper The Times reports today that the man, an engineer, wrote to his MP in 2012 to inform him locals were “deeply disturbed by what . . . is happening in Rotherham”.
The constituent asked whether Healey, MP for the area since 1997 (also believed to be the year the abuses of the 1,400 girls in Rotherham began), would "call for an investigation of all parties at fault", meaning local child protection agencies and police as well as the perpetrators. Healey replied" "I am not sure an inquiry would help the girls and their families, especially if it focuses solely on Rotherham and on Asian men grooming white girls".
A reluctance to focus attention on the perpetrators of these crimes for reasons of "community cohesion" or electoral expediency appears to be a common theme. Former Rotherham MP Denis Macshane who was first elected in 1994 but resigned in 2012 prior to a six month jail sentence for expenses fraud, has admitted his political leanings stopped him from addressing the problem.
Speaking to the BBC, Macshane said he was aware of illegal incest and "the oppression of women within bits of the Muslim community in Britain" but turned a blind eye. He admitted: "Perhaps yes, as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard". The Times reports him as having said: "I, like so many MPs, preferred to keep silent on some of the dirty secrets about bad practices in the Kashmiri Muslim community", a community that supplies "vast reservoirs" of votes at election time.
Blaming the abuse on British culture, and linking the Rotherham abuse gangs to celebrity groomers, he said: "Nobody pursued Jimmy Saville, nobody pursued Rolf Harris, nobody pursued Cyril Smith… There is in our country, just a dreadful culture and I wouldn’t pick particular on one ethnic community but it is a real problem, it’s a longer story about the nature of that community, their sexual relations, and the way they treat women".
The first Times report from 2011 which referred to a place in "Northern England" where local sources "are so scared of reprisals that their town must not be named" went some way to explain why the abuser's own community didn’t reveal their activities, which were often conducted in broad daylight.
The article refers to comments by the community sources, who speak of the "widespread view that betraying members of one’s own community to the police would be an even greater sin than child sexual exploitation." White girls are targeted by such men because "if they did it to a Muslim girl, they’d be shot".
As the parliamentary inquiry into the conduct of local agencies and authorities continues questions have been asked of the competency of the very bodies that were supposed to protect the abused. During the questioning of resigning Rotherham chief executive it emerged that an important and detailed piece of evidence, a 2008 report on child abuse has “disappeared” from the council’s archives.

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Now Shiver in the Dark and Cold Because of the Greens

Not long ago the familiar old Didcot power station was closed down, not because it had reached the end of its operative life but because it was emitting too much carbon dioxide. Didcot was a coal-powered power station and that did not meet the liking of the Greens who make policy at EU level, or the Greener-than-Green LibDems. 

Image result for image Didcot power station

All over England and the EU, energy policy has been taken over by Greens who are obsessed with hypothetical global warming and don't care if we all, in the short term, freeze to death. The Greens have made unrealistic promises about wind, wave and solar power none of which are producing anything like enough to fill the growing black hole between production and demand. We are paying huge emissions fines to the EU and meanwhile thanks to the Green policies our bills are shooting up.
    Look at the results of this  - we are now facing the prospect of imminent power shortages. There is just not enough power in the grid to keep this country ticking over. Businesses are being warned that they need to ration their energy use and prepare for black-outs and shut-downs this coming winter.  
    The Greens are hopelessly unrealistic. The Oxford English Dictionary defines green as meaning: (Of a person) inexperienced or naive: a green recruit fresh from college.

You see what they mean if you just glance over the election leaflet circulated by our local Green candidate in Risinghurst. She is opposed to privatizing the NHS. How sweet of her, yet the Green party is in favour of EU membership, which has made that privatization inevitable. The EU requires the UK government to reduce public spending and open up a free market in provision of all goods and services, including health services. This led to the introduction of private investment. 
 The EU has also decided to go ahead with TTIP, the Translatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Brokered in secret without the slightest consultation even with our MPs,  let alone our electorate, the TTIP is a death-blow to our National Health Services. It means that all our state health provision can and must be inevitably sold off to American health giants, and there will be no legal way that any future government can re-nationalise them.
    The Greens claim that they oppose development on the green belt, yet their policy is to permit unlimited immigration. How can you put more and more people onto a small island without building more houses? Barton West or anywhere else, the houses will have to be built, and then more and more infrastructure.
    The Greens claim that they can raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour and also go on paying benefits and welfare to all comers, legal or illegal immigrants, without bothering about the national deficit. Where do they think they are going to get the money from? They say their manifesto is "fully costed". What that means is that they have taken a hopelessly unreliable estimate from the CND for the costs of replacing Trident, an estimate that is 80% exaggerated, and then exaggerated it a bit more, and concluded that they would have all that extra money to spend on freebies and handouts if they cancelled Trident. 
     They don't take into account that following their energy policies most of our businesses, industry and infrastructure, including farming, would soon break down for lack of power supplies, and the whole economy go into rapid slump. As for their tax policies, those too would drive businesses abroad. There would be no jobs and no one left to tax.  None of this is economically viable. And I say this as someone who does grow tomatoes (as well as potatoes, onions, cabbages, beetroot, marrows, pumpkins, figs, plums, pears, raspberries and grapes).
Green policies = terribly nice people talking nonsense. 
    What we need in this country is to be realistic about energy and honest about the economy. No creative accounting please! We don't want hollow promises about saving the NHS from people who are not prepared to take the drastic steps it would need to actually save it. their manifesto is "fully costs

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UK Pensioners Far Worse Off than Illegal Immigrants

Can't live on your pension? Try slipping out of the country and coming back in pretending to be an illegal immigrant. Just look at these figures. 

 (bearing in mind they worked hard and paid their Income
Tax and National Insurance contributions to the British Government all their working life)

  Weekly allowance: £106.00

(No Income Tax and National Insurance contribution whatsoever) 
Weekly allowance: £250.00

Weekly Spouse Allowance: £25.00

Weekly Spouse Allowance: £225.00

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £0.00

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £100.00

A British old age pensioner is no less hard up than an illegal immigrant/refugee yet receives nothing


ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS/REFUGEES LIVING IN BRITAIN TOTAL YEARLY BENEFIT:                                                          £29,900

The English Democrats believe that we have no obligation to financially support illegal immigrants but we have got a very real obligation to pay our older generation a decent pension, in line with the contribution they made to this country.

  Surely it's time we put our own people first. That is only FAIR.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Oxford Flag Ban an Absolute Disgrace

Christopher Bishop with the flagpole and Union flag at his housing association home in Kidlington. Picture: OX69577 Richard Cave

Christopher Bishop with the flagpole and Union flag at his housing association home in Kidlington. Picture Richard Cave

England, a once proud country, has now sunk so low in its own estimation that people regard it as "offensive" to fly our own flag. What a disgrace that somebody complained when disabled veteran Christopher Bishop flew the Union Jack in his garden in Kidlington. Whoever griped about it should be told  - if you don't like our flag, get out of our country. 
National pride is given all kinds of ugly insulting names these days by politically-correct bores and creeps, the same sort of people who closed their eyes tightly to what was going on in Rotherham. And a man who made sacrifices for his country is rewarded with pettiness and prejudice.
To say that a flagpole is a structural alteration to the house and needs permission is just an absurd excuse. I say let Christopher Bishop fly his flag and let's join him when St George's Day is made, as it should be, our national holiday.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Monday, 1 September 2014

Ayaan Hirsi Ali "Criticizing Islam is not Racist"

It is seven years since Ayaan Hirsi Ali first published her opinions in a book and she was quoted in the Independent newspaper as saying "I believe that criticizing Islam is not racist". 

She has also spoken out against Islam's oppressive treatment of women, and has warned President Obama that it is a mistake not to regard Islam as "extremist". Islam is according to her intrinsically militant and extremist. It is considered all right for her to say that because she is black, from Somalia, and was brought up a Muslim.
Now she is an apostate she faces the death penalty under islamic law. She can be killed by any Muslim and the murder will be praised and rewarded.
 This has not stopped her speaking out in the USA  where she now lives.

Islam is not a race, it is an ideology. We have got as much right to oppose it as we have to oppose scientology or a belief in flying saucers.
The following article is too long to reproduce in full but it should be read by all those ignorant lefties who still regard it as racist to criticize Islam. And by the way did you know that Dennis Nilsen, the Muswell Hill serial killer, was a member of the Socialist Workers' Party and an activist in the Anti-Nazi League?

Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali a racist? She was born in Somalia, from which she escaped to avoid an arranged marriage, and she eventually became a member of Parliament in the Netherlands.

She helped produce a film with Theo Van Gogh which criticized Islam's treatment of women. Van Gogh was shot to death by a Muslim in retaliation, and a note was pinned to his chest with a knife — a note that threatened Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

She made her way to the United States, and has since written two books critical of Islam: Infidel and Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations.

Is Wafa Sultan a racist? She was born and raised in Syria, and was trained as a psychiatrist.

On February 21, 2006, she took part in an Al Jazeera discussion program, arguing with the hosts about Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilizationstheory. A six-minute composite video of her response was widely circulated on blogs and through email. The New York Times estimated it was seen at least one million times. In the video she criticized Muslims for treating non-Muslims differently, and for not recognizing the accomplishments of Jews and other non-Muslims. The video was the most-discussed video of all time with over 260,000 comments on YouTube.

Is Ibn Warraq a racist? Warraq was born in India to Muslim parents who migrated to Pakistan after the partitioning of British Indian Empire.

Warraq founded theInstitute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society. He is a senior research fellow at the Center for Inquiry, focusing on Quranic criticism.

Warraq is the author of seven books, including Why I Am Not a Muslim and Leaving Islam. He has spoken at the United Nations "Victims of Jihad" conference organized by the International Humanist and Ethical Union alongside speakers such as Bat Ye'or, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Simon Deng.

Is Tapan Ghosh a racist? The president of Hindu Samhati, he speaks all over India and the United States about the ongoing Islamic invasion of West Bengal.

In an article about him, a correspondent wrote, "A life of 25 years of relentless service has strengthened the resolve of Tapan Ghosh to unite Hindu masses to fight against injustice and the oppressive attitude of the authorities in the face of ever-increasing Islamist aggression."

Ghosh said, "As someone who has suffered enormously from the Islamist onslaught in eastern India, both after the partition of India as well as the partition of erstwhile Pakistan to form Bangladesh, Islamic terrorism has deeply affected my life and the life of millions in the Indian subcontinent. The horrific events of 1971 where nearly 3 million Bengalis, mostly Hindus were exterminated by the Pakistani military regime left an everlasting impression on me. Since then, I have worked relentlessly for the service and upliftment of people reeling under the scourge of radical Islam."

Is Seyran Ates a racist? Born in Turkey of Kurdish parents, and now working as a lawyer in Germany, Atest is highly critical of an immigrant Muslim society that is often more orthodox than its counterpart in Turkey, and her criticisms have put her at risk.

Her book, "Islam Needs a Sexual Revolution," was scheduled for publication in Germany in 2009. In an interview in January 2008 on National Public Radio, Ates stated that she was in hiding and would not be working on Muslim women's behalf publicly (including in court) due to the threats against her.

Ates is the author of the article, Human Rights Before Religion: Have we forgotten to protect women in our bid to accommodate practices carried out in the name of Islam?

Is Francis Bok a racist? Francis Piol Bol Bok, born in Sudan, was a slave for ten years but is now an abolitionist and author living in the United States.

On May 15, 1986, Bok was captured and enslaved at age seven during an Islamic militia raid on the village of Nymlal. Slavery is a standard feature of orthodox Islam. Bok lived in bondage for ten years before escaping imprisonment in Kurdufan, followed by a journey to the United States by way of Cairo, Egypt. Read more of his story here.

Bok's autobiography, Escape from Slavery, chronicles his life from his early youth and his years in captivity, to his work in the United States as an abolitionist.

Is Nonie Darwish a racist? Now an American, she grew up a Muslim in Egypt, the daughter of an Egyptian general whose family was part of President Nasser’s inner circle.

Darwish founded Former Muslims United with Ibn Warraq, an organization dedicated, in part, to helping Muslims reject the inherent intolerance, violence, and supremacism in their doctrine.

Darwish is the author of two books critical of Islam, Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law, and Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror.

And she is an outspoken critic of Sharia law.

Is Brigitte Gabriel a racist? She's an Arab, born in Lebanon. Gabriel watched her country become an Islamic state. Lebanon was a Christian country and "the jewel of the Middle East" when she was young. But the Muslims in Lebanon, supported by Syria and Iran, slowly became more militant until they turned the country into a war zone.

She made her way to America only to find, to her horror, theMuslim Brotherhood here in her newly adopted country, going down the same road. She decided to warn her fellow Americans about the dire results you can expect from appeasing orthodox Muslims, so she founded ACT! for America, a grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about Islam's prime directive.

Gabriel is the author of two books, They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It, and Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America.

Is Mark Gabriel a racist? Born in Egypt, he became an Islamic scholar in the Muslim world's most prestigious university. Early fears by relatives that Gabriel would grow up a Christian because he had been breastfed by a Christian woman resulted in him being given a thorough Islamic education. So he grew up immersed in Islamic culture and was sent to Al Azhar school at the age of six.

By the time Gabriel was twelve years old he had memorized the Quran completely. After graduating from Al-Azhar University with a Master's degree, he was offered a position as a lecturer at the university. During his research, which involved travel to Eastern and Western countries, Gabriel became more distant from Islam, finding its history, "from its commencement to date, to be filled with violence and bloodshed without any worthwhile ideology or sense of decency. I asked myself 'What religion would condone such destruction of human life?' Based on that, I began to see that the Muslim people and their leaders were perpetrators of violence."

On hearing that Gabriel had "forsaken Islamic teachings" the authorities of Al Azhar expelled him from the University on 17 December, 1991 and asked for him to be released from the post of Imam in the mosque of Amas Ebn Malek in Giza city. The Egyptian secret police then seized Gabriel and placed him in a cell without food and water for three days, after which he was tortured and interrogated for four days before being transferred to Calipha prison in Cairo and released without charge a week later. He escaped Egypt and has since written several books, including, Islam and Terrorism.

Is Walid Shoebat a racist? He's a Palestinian immigrant to the United States and a former PLO militant. Shoebat was born in Bethlehem, the grandson of the Mukhtar of Beit Sahour, an associate of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. In 1993, Shoebat converted to Christianity after studying the Jewish Bible for six months in response to a challenge from his wife, initially trying to persuade her to convert to Islam.

After the September 11 attacks in 2001, Shoebat began to criticize Islam publicly. He has appeared on mainstream media around the world and has been an expert witness on a number of documentaries on orthodox Islam.

Shoebat argues that parallels exist between radical Islam and Nazism. He says, "Secular dogma like Nazism is less dangerous than Islamofascism that we see today...because Islamofascism has a religious twist to it; it says 'God the Almightyordered you to do this'...It is trying to grow itself in fifty-five Muslim states. So potentially, you could have a success rate of several Nazi Germanys, if these people get their way."

Is Simon Deng a racist? He was born in southern Sudan. His village of Tonga was a peaceful farming community, despite frequent raids by the Islamic Sudanese army where they burned huts and scattered livestock. "One of the first things I was told as a child — if the Arab men come, just run for your life," Deng recalls. The history of Arab colonization of Africa is one of Islamization, wholesale slave trading, and genocide. One day the Muslims came, and Deng was captured and enslaved.

At the age of 12, he noticed a man from his village due to the man's "shilluk" — a series of raised welts across the forehead. It's a tribal marking Deng has also. The man summoned a distant relative of Deng's who happened to be nearby. With his kinsman's help, the boy was able to escape.

Having escaped slavery and emigrated to the United States, Deng travels the country addressing audiences which range from the United Nations to middle school students. His speeches focus on education and the anti-slavery movement. Deng is now a warner of the horrors of unchecked Islam and Sharia. "I was victimized in the name of Islam," he says.

Is Babu Suseelan a racist? Born in India,Professor Babu Suseelanis a Hindu leader, a human rights activist, a university professor, and a psychologist. He is also the Director of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, New York.

Suseelan is the author of several published articles on jihadi terrorism and cognitive psychology. He has been an invited speaker at international conferences on Islamic militancy.

He speaks around the world, trying to educate people about orthodox Islam and the danger it poses to the free world."
To read the rest of this article see

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Children were Raped and Beaten to Guarantee Labour Votes

Rotherham. The name will now always be synonymous with corporate failure, Labour party corruption, child abuse and blinkered political-correctness. 
The figure of 1400 victims is a cautious estimate.  It is possible that many more were raped, molested, beaten, bullied, and terrorized by Muslim sex gangs over the sixteen-year period that this went on. We know that similar obnoxious rackets have been operating elsewhere, from Oxford to Sydney, Australia, and there is no guarantee that the problem is now somehow solved. Nobody has been held to account. Nobody has been sacked or penalized. The man in charge, Sean Wright, who decided to ignore the problem and take no effective steps, is now a Police and Crime Commissioner in Yorkshire. Child protection staff "will not be disciplined"... why? 

Most horrifyingly, parents who tried to get court orders to stop the Muslim Mafia targeting their children, were arrested themselves. 

The report heard of two cases where fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused only to be arrested themselves when police were called.

This is the modern PC upside-down society. Vice is virtue. Virtue is vice. Instead of shunning paedophiles, we give them grants and invite them into schools to give "sex education". There is a whole website devoted to Labour party paedophiles.
We are told that the authorities, the police and the Labour-controlled Rotherham Council, did not want to expose what was going on or alert parents because they did not want to offend the community or appear "racist". 
There is more to it than that. They wanted the Muslim vote. All that mattered to them was keeping on good terms with the people who would in their turn keep Labour in power and keep the big money rolling into Social Services. They wanted to ensure Labour power, Labour money and Labour control. Children were beaten, raped, trafficked and tortured to keep the Labour votes coming. That is what it amounts to.

Ed Miliband with Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi who admires ISIS

The Yorkshire police acted in a thoroughly corrupt way. They condoned paedophiles by insisting children consented, when they were under the legal age of consent. Why? Look at the police training. The police are nowadays trained to take a PC view, going along with the Labour politicians, NCCL, PIE and LGBT nutters such as Peter Tatchell who all campaign for the abolition of any age of consent in the first place. Soon they will introduce the crime of "paedo-phobia", already a fashionable term in left-wing circles where "homophobia" originated. This is worse than a slippery slope, it is a well-greased helter-skelter down to hell. 

What those children suffered was hell and it was imposed just to get and keep Labour votes.
  Meanwhile decent, moral and law-abiding families are told by the same Labour-controlled Rotherham social services that they cannot foster children because they belong to a conservative political party or have Christian beliefs. This totally stinks. We need a purge of UK society that will restore true moral values instead of this pernicious PC rubbish.
"Details of the appalling depravity in the town and the systemic failures that allowed it to continue were laid out in a report published by Professor Alexis Jay, the former chief inspector of social work in Scotland. Victims were gang raped, while others were groomed and trafficked across northern England by groups of mainly Asian men.

When children attempted to expose the abuse, they were threatened with guns, warned that their loved ones would be raped and, in one case, doused in petrol and told they would be burnt alive.
Prof Jay wrote: “No one knows the true scale of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham over the years. Our conservative estimate is that approximately 1,400 children were sexually exploited over the full inquiry period, from 1997 to 2013.
“It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.”
She added: “There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone.”
The report pinned the blame squarely on failings within the leadership of South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham council."