Thursday, 20 November 2014

International Children's Rights Day - R.I.P. Jason Swift

November 20th, International Children's Rights Day, is also the anniversary of the killing of 14-year-old Jason Swift by a gang of homosexuals in Hackney in 1985.

Jason ran away from home when his parents split up and he 
was supposed to be living with his elder sister. He wandered off to doss on the streets of London, where he was picked up by the homosexual gang of Sidney Cooke, who ran a vile child-prostitution racket in Hackney. The gang would cruise the streets to find lone boys, offer them shelter and food and then sexually exploit them. They would be locked up, drugged, anally raped and touted to customers who asked no questions.

Jason is often described by the press as a "rent-boy" but the truth is that he was a rape victim. His father, Sid Swift, commented, 

"All I know is the media keep calling him a rent boy, as far as I’m concerned he’s not a rent boy. If he was a rent boy it was only what Cooke and his cronies made him."

In late November 1985, Cooke and seven other members of his gang met at the flat of Robert Oliver in Hackney. Lennie Smith and his homosexual partner Lesley Bailey were there, with Stephen Barrell and two others. They called this a "party." Jason was promised £5 to go along. When he got there, all of them took part in the horrific group sexual assault. They first gave him drugs to make him relaxed and groggy, then tied him up, gagged him and took turns in violently molesting him until he died of internal injuries and asphyxiation. 
There are allegations that the killing was videoed to make a porn movie.
They wrapped the body in a blanket and dumped it, nearly naked, in woods in Epping Forest, Essex, where it was found ten days later by a woman walking a dog. 

Bailey later confessed to the crimes and implicated several others in his testimony. Cooke and two others were convicted only of manslaughter, not of murder, because they claimed the death was accidental. Cooke told police that someone had given Jason "a clump on the back". Yet in prison he boasted to other inmates of all the boys he had killed.
Bailey was hanged by fellow-paedophiles in prison in 1993. Sidney Cooke and Robert Oliver are still alive. Cooke's partner David Patrick has made offers to reveal the burial places of other gang victims in exchange for money, but police have dismissed this as extortion.

Police identify body of murdered boy
The Times, London, December 4, 1985
A murdered boy whose half-naked body was found in a copse near Ongar, Essex, on Saturday, was yesterday identified as Jason Swift, aged 14, from Stoke Newington, north London. 
More than 50 police officers are trying to reconstruct the last five months of his life after the school boy was reported missing from the Hackney home of sister, where he was staying, on July 6.
The boy was identified after a search of the national missing persons register at Scotland Yard limited the hunt to about 100 children of similar build and description.
Dept Supt Ken Smith, of Essex Police, said there was evidence that the boy, who was asphyxiated, had been missing from his mother’s home several times before and had been homosexually abused in the past.

Times, The (London, England)-February 21, 1989

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Quarry Residents Still Dubious About Alterations to C.S. Lewis's Parish Church

The Friends of Headington Quarry held a meeting on November 12th where the vicar expounded his revised plan for an extension to Holy Trinity Church. 

There was still a lot of opposition to these plans, and it was clear that many local residents whose relatives are buried in the churchyard had attended the meeting specifically to protest against the scheme. Several people said that the new building would disturb or destroy the resting-places of their loved ones in an insensitive way.

The vicar claimed that the new building could be somehow erected from inside, without disturbance to the dozen or so graves immediately outside the line of the planned new wall. There was general scepticism about this. Most people thought that any building needs foundations, particularly when built in an area such as Quarry, notorious for subsidence and suffering from chronic flooding problems. To build foundations would mean digging down deep and necessarily going beyond the line of the projected wall. A committee member noted that when the neighbouring school was extended, the piles had to go down 14 metres into the ground. 
The case for repairing the vestry roof was the only one that was not controversial. One person suggested putting the new disabled-access toilet here on the ground floor, and then building a meeting room directly above it. Others queried whether the northern fire-exit of the planned building would invite people to walk right over their family graves. They thought the scheme still needed shrinking further. The vicar estimated that the building would cost £400,000. Since most building projects cost about twice the original estimate, if the plans ever get the go-ahead after all the diocese and city council vetting procedures, we ought not to be surprised if the final bill is nearer a million. Rather a lot of cake sales. 

You can write to Canon David Knight at: 12 Bankside, Headington Quarry, OX3 8LT or <> by no later than 28th November with comments on
these plans. Any comments received will be considered by the buildings sub-committee.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Doctors Warn of Sex-Change Dangers

Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists. . . .You fundamentally can't change sex … It's genital mutilation. ~Alan Finch, ex-trans
If you thought Frank Maloney was barmy to ask doctors to cut off his dick, so he could pretend to be a woman, you will be relieved to hear that a voice for sanity has finally been heard.
After a string of stupid, unnecessary operations and procedures, medical experts have told him they do NOT advise the final drastic dick-chopping surgery.
All surgery carries risks, and medical ethics specify that operations must only be performed for valid medical reasons. It is frivolous and irresponsible to remove healthy organs or operate on patients who are not physically ill. 
In his last operation, for "facial reconstruction", 60-year-old Frank stopped breathing for an hour, and had to be given oxygen and lung pumping. He has a heart flutter, and even an operation for necessary health reasons would be something to consider carefully. So doctors have refused to go ahead with the planned genital surgery  - complete removal of all male organs and construction of a fake vagina.

Frank will have to be content to call himself "Kelly", wear frocks, wigs and lipstick, and hang strings of monster pearls around his thick neck with its prominent Adam's apple.
Transsexuals are mentally ill people. They need psychiatry, not surgery. Gender identity disorder is a mental problem, and it is being actively promoted across the Western world with many attendant horrors. Many of these nutcases become addicted to plastic surgery, obsessed with trying to alter their bodies through harmful medical procedures.

They repeatedly inject themselves and others with silicone, glue and other substances to alter their body shape. The results are grotesque, dangerous and often fatal. Larry Bernard, aged 33, of New Orleans, announced he was a "woman", changed his name to Armani Nicole Davenport and then performed illegal cosmetic operations on other "transsexuals". One of them was Brad Hall, who was going by the fanciful appellation of Breneisha. Larry injected his stiletto-wearing, mascara-laden chum with black market silicone to give him "female" curves. The  result was that Brad fell into a coma, and died at the age of 25 in Louisiana State University hospital, in January  this year. 

Thanks to the LGBT mania, children as young as four are being given hormones and operations to supposedly change their sex... leading to a future of sterility with very few potential partners. Even when you survive, you are nothing but a eunuch.
Douglas Perry, arrested on fingerprint evidence for the murder of a string of women in Washington, claimed that he was not guilty because he had changed his sex, now called himself "Donna" and was a different person.
When will the public wake up and realise that all this so-called transsexual nonsense is foolish and dangerous Only when our media and schools escape from the stranglehold of the Gaystapo.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/butt28n-1-web.jpg?enlarged

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Get this Woman Out of Prison - NOW

I do not call it justice to put a mother in prison because her son played truant from school. It is unjust, it is pointless because it won't address the reasons for the truancy, and it is an utter waste of tax-payers' money. A pregnant woman reportedly fainted in court a couple of weeks ago when told that she must go to gaol for two months, because her son's school attendance was poor.

Sentenced: The 37-year-old mother was at Plymouth Magistrates' Court, pictured

  The mother said that she often took the boy, whose age was not given, to his school in Plymouth, or put him on the school bus, but when he got there, he would simply walk out of the school gates. Surely if she had tried her best she is not a criminal. What exactly does the State expect her to do? 
   This stupid law (part of the Education Welfare Act) has never reduced truancy. Since it was passed, truancy in schools in the UK has not gone down. It has gone up. And the crazy thing is that more than 12,000 parents per year are being subjected to this kind of prosecution and 9,000 of them are getting custodial sentences. Meanwhile violent thugs, rapists and other criminals walk free. 
     How exactly does the State expect a mother to force her child to go to school? She can tell him it's a good idea but if he's not convinced you've got a problem. By the time a boy is 12, he is probably too big and strong for his mother to force him to do anything. In the eyes of the law, a parent cannot use force even to make their child have a bath  - if they do they can be  prosecuted for assault. That is a fact. The child can be taken into care if a parent uses violence. So what the hell is this poor suffering, pregnant mum supposed to do?  And is the boy any more likely to go to school while she is in gaol?
     There are supposed to be educational social workers who deal with this sort of case. Was the boy bored at school because he had no friends, or because was surrounded by others of a different culture, possibly children whose language he did not speak? Was he possibly dyslexic, or even being bullied? What else was he doing instead of going there? And finally, the $50,000 question... where was the father, and why was he taking no responsibility? Why isn't he gaoled too?
      Our state schools these days are so bad it would be better to play truant than attend them most of the time. The teachers are not selected for their intelligence or academic attainment, merely for their willingness to conform to a PC curriculum. And with pupils nowadays being taught to practice promiscuity, homosexuality and drug-abuse, there can be decided advantages of non-attendance.
      No parent should be criminalised for having problems with their child. This law is idiotic, it is unfair and it is a waste of public funds.  I call to have it repealed now.

Education (Welfare) Act. 


The law states that parents are legally responsible for ensuring children aged five to 16 attend school regularly, unless they are home educated.
Headteachers, social workers or police can issue parents with penalty notices of up to £120 if a child regularly misses school, and their parents have not taken action or asked for help.
If this is not paid a prosecution will follow, which can lead to a fine of up to £2,500, a community sentence, or even a three-month jail term. 
Council officials say that, aside from their education suffering, children who are often absent find it harder to sustain friendships, and are more likely to get involved with crime.
The Government has insisted that its reforms brought in last September to deal with school absence are starting to have an effect.
Under the changes, truancy fines have risen from £50 to £60, and from £100 to £120 if they are not paid within 28 days. 
Guidance on school holidays has also changed, with headteachers now only granting permission for term time trips in 'exceptional circumstances'.  
The law states that parents are responsible for ensuring children aged five to 16 attend school regularly, unless they are home educated.
Headteachers, social workers or police can issue parents with penalty notices of up to £120 if a child regularly misses school, and their parents have not taken action or asked for help.
If this is not paid a prosecution will follow, which can lead to a fine of up to £2,500, a community sentence, or even a three-month jail term.

The controversial booklet has been slammed by critics who say it will make youngsters think drugs are OK

Friday, 14 November 2014

Homosexual LGBT Professor Revealed as Paedophile - Walter Lee Williams

Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia... by molesting little boys all over the world.

Homosexual academic Walter Lee Williams,  a Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Southern California, and described as an eminent member of the Californian LGBT community, was arrested by the Mexican police in June 2013 and charged with paedophile offences. 
He was taking one of his many holidays in the resort of Playa del Carmen near Cancun, in south-eastern Mexico, where homosexual Americans flock to take advantage of the impoverished boys, some of them homeless. Williams, aged 64, was charged with performing deviant acts on pre-pubescent boys, as well as photographing and filming what he was doing.
The gay warrior is the author of several books crusading for the LGBT cause, including Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia (sic), and Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States. These volumes of verbiage and tiresome jargon are probably in your child's school or college library. They are certainly on leftie reading-lists all over the badly-confused Western world.

Williams ran a personal website where he mentioned visiting most of the world's child-sex-tourist hotspots, including Thailand and the Philippines. Homosexuals crowd there in search of boys to molest. He was investigated by the FBI in relation to a dozen different charges including molesting at least ten boys in the Philippines, making and distributing child pornography. He is also facing complaints of sexually harassing his students and others he met for the purpose of conducting his “gender studies research”.
Williams was hunted down by the FBI and brought to trial in Los Angeles last year. But there was an almost complete media black-out, because he has so many rich and powerful cronies in the Californian gay mafia. 

  Larry Brinkin another Californian gay icon exposed as a paedophile.

This case has notable similarities to that of Larry Brinkin, gaoled last year, and that of Frank Lombard, the paedo-freako-homosexual professor of Duke University, who was caught molesting little boys aged five or under. He talked a lot about "human rights".

Bill Lewis, assistant director in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles field office said to reporters that Williams would face a string of charges. Michael Moore, assistant chief of the Los Angeles Police Department said, "We believe there are other victims who have suffered by this man's actions and we need to talk with them".
Williams is charged with one count of producing child pornography, one count of traveling for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, and two counts of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.
"I analyzed the computers and the camera that belong to Williams and found child pornography," Jeff Yesensky, FBI special agent, said in a video posted online Monday to bring awareness to the case. "Because of his status, he has the means and access to children, and that's what makes him dangerous," Yesensky said. "He preys on the most vulnerable children."
Agents believe he had resided in Indonesia, Polynesia and Thailand, but may also have traveled to Mexico and Peru. After all, he can well afford to do it, on the generous salary he is getting for teaching all that LGBT garbage.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Support Multi-Culturalism and Diversity in British Schools

    Schools in Pakistan have declared an official "I am not Malala Day" when all female pupils will denounce the un-islamic ideas of the teenager who demanded education for women. It's surprising such schools have any female pupils at all, really. In most parts of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Taliban is insisting on classes of boys only. So much for the boasts of my English MP, Andrew Smith, about what the long, bloody war has achieved for Afghan girls.
  Try not to laugh when you hear that in Britain, Muslims have decided to award their own "peace prize"...  I said try not to laugh!!
  Here in England rumour has it that the school curriculum is to be broadened next year to include more topics under the heading of multi-culturalism, tolerance and diversity.
i) All children from the age of 5 upwards will be taught to chant "There is no god but ASDA! Death to the infidels!" and spit on a model of an unbeliever.

is henning URGENT Video: ISIS beheads UK aid worker Alan Henning
                                      "I'm a charity worker." "That's a capital offence."

ii) School playing fields will be used to stage mock stonings. Transgressors will be buried up to their necks in the ground and then pelted with stones of carefully selected size. Size matters.
iii) Pupils from age 10 upwards will be taught how to perform crucifixions. Prizes will be given to those who write the best denunciation sign to be attached to the victim's neck.

                   "Are you going to behead me?" "Don't complain, that's racist."

iv) Classes in RE will include techniques for building guillotines and wielding axes. School sports days will feature real beheadings, and anybody accused of "bigotry" will be selected for decapitation. 
v)  In year ten and above, boy pupils will be allowed to conduct auctions of girl pupils but they will need a note of permission from their parents before they are allowed to take any purchase home.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hereditary Commons, Lords for sale

Under the Blair government, the power of hereditary peers in the House of Lords was abolished, but Britain has not become a fairer society. Hereditary rule is still flourishing and has become normal in the Labour party as more and more sons and daughters of Labour ministers are selected as candidates for safe Labour constituencies. In other worlds they are handed a seat in the Commons,
     Jack Straw's son Will is already campaigning up in Lancashire for the seat of Rossendale and Darwen. Has he got any links with Lancashire? No, of course not, and yes he is the same bloke who was caught in a sting offering to sell drugs to a journalist when he was a student. That doesn't matter when you are a Home Secretary's son.
    Stephen Kinnock is the Labour candidate for Aberavon in Wales although he lives in London and works for a business advisory company. No going down the pit for him!
    And Emily Benn, 24-year-old grand-daughter of Tony and niece of Hilary Benn, is already a Labour councillor in Croydon South and approved candidate for the General Election next year. Surely it is only a matter of time before Euan Blair gets awarded his safe seat somewhere. He has made it clear that he is available as a PPC. Instead of a hereditary House of Lords we have got a hereditary House of Commons. There are fewer working-class MPs now than there were thirty years ago.
    Meanwhile the House of Lords has become a means of perpetuating the power of politicians the electorate would like to vote out, but can't. They don't go away, they go upstairs. And instead of representing the people, they represent the interests of the many multi-national corporations who pay or employ them. Lords are allowed to lobby for businesses and private interests, including tax-avoidance companies. Sixty-eight Lords hold appointment advising companies how to improve their relations with government. According to a recent survey carried out by the Wall Street Journal, "One hundred and thirteen draw paychecks from financial-services firms. Twenty-six are paid by resource-extraction companies. Twenty work for foreign governments, in capacities that include advising officials on policy and consulting for government-controlled companies."
       Richard Allan, Lord Allan, is European policy director of Facebook. He used his position in the Lords to argue down a legal change that would have made Facebook more responsible for libel and defamation. 
       It would be naive to think that Britain had become a fairer society because of the reforms under the Blair government. What we have got now is a parliament that gives a damn about nothing apart from its own salaries and pensions rolling in. Since it spends most of  its time voting away its own powers and our rights, maybe the best thing to do with it would be to scrap it altogether.   House of Lords - sources of payments to peers