Monday, 30 November 2015

STOP HS2 High Speed to Bankruptcy

A report has branded the HS2 rail project "abysmal value for money" after its costs almost doubled from the original £22 billion estimate to £43 billion. If the extravagant and much-hated plan goes ahead, it will be costing ten times more per mile than comparable high-speed rail schemes in Europe.

Those who suffer on our overloaded railway network and antiquated tube lines may well ask why there is so much money for one shiny sci-fi project that will benefit so few people and destroy such a large swathe of irreplaceable countryside. £43 billion to cut twenty minutes off the journey from London to Birmingham? Ridiculous, particularly when there is such an unmet need to modernise, extend and re-open old rail lines all over the country.
To me it seems strange that the government can find unlimited money for the increase in HS2 cost from 22 to £43bn, but can't find £30bn for the
NHS. We are cutting front-line services, leaving army veterans to sleep on the streets, making young people pay for university degrees even when they wish to train as doctors and nurses...none of this makes sense.

"Whatever measure you look at, the HS2 project has an abysmal value for money"
Stop HS2 Campaign

So they have high-speed trains in Europe and in China - so what? France and Germany are considerably larger than England, and China even more so. We don't need it. The government has given in as usual to pressure from the EU and from self-interested lobby groups. And who is to profit from the building? Contracts are being openly touted in China so it won't be British companies who get that £43 billion.
We just get the bill.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Senior Citizens Get Raw Deal as Ever from Chancellor's Autumn Statement

The Chancellor's autumn statement did little or nothing at all to address one of our major scandals  - the poverty and neglect of our elderly citizens. 
He decreed that working families should pay more council tax to provide minimal funds for elderly care-homes, but that is a miserly and inadequate gesture compared to the huge scale of this problem.

Edna Slann, 89, was a resident at Grantley Court Nursing Home which was shut down by the Care Quality Commission for significant failings in care

Those who are supposedly "in care" are getting a shockingly poor deal. From time to time bad care-homes, where old people are maltreated, are closed down, but that only increases the pressure on the few decent or tolerable ones.

Every winter, millions of old people suffer cold and hardship, because they cannot afford to heat their homes or buy enough food. The stark fact is that the death rate among them peaks sharply during the winter months and many are isolated and depressed. They can't afford to celebrate Christmas and they are rewarded with contempt for the decades  they spent working, paying tax and contributing to this country. Last winter, the number of such people dying of avoidable cold and hunger reached a 15-year-high.
A few weeks ago, a homeless ex-soldier, aged 82, died hours after being evicted from a squat in Manchester city centre. Known only as George, he was one of  a dozen veterans who were sharing this illegal last-resort accommodation to avoid the cold. Until they were thrown out, that is. George had been sleeping rough for twenty years.  That is the thanks he got for serving his country in its armed forces.  This is a national disgrace.

Most of the people who do get places in care homes have to pay huge amounts and sell their houses to meet the fees, even if  the care home is council run.
I say the government owes old people care, they have worked and paid tax in this country all their lives and so in most cases did their parents, while their children and grandchildren are still working and paying tax. Yet the money does not get spent on those  deserving and needy citizens.  It gets squandered on others who have no legitimate claim.

More than 100 elderly a week are being forced to give up their houses to pay for care home fees

Local councils seize the property of elderly people who need care and sell it, blatantly plundering the most hard-working and law-abiding families of this country. It is estimated that a hundred such cases happen per WEEK in England, making an annual total of between 30,000 and 40,000.
Anybody with more than £23,000 in assets is regarded as fair game for plunder.

The Chancellor allocated an extra £1 billion to foreign aid, but nothing to help our own senior citizens, apart from the mean and back-handed tactic of raising council tax for working families. The English will as ever be hit worst, as the budget allocates over £60 billion more to Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland than to the equivalent areas in England.

Why don't rich Muslim countries like Qatar do something to help refugees?
If they can spend £200 billion on a football event, they could afford to accommodate millions of fleeing families. But no, they leave us to foot the bill.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Why We Need to Help Christian Migrants

To each according to his need...that is one definition of justice, and if applied to refugees from the Middle East, it would certainly mean that we gave priority to those who are Christian because they are fleeing not just a war zone or "climate change" but every form of lethal persecution.

African migrants' 75 foot fishing boat capsized off Libya

A police report from Palermo in Sicily earlier this year describes how twelve Christian refugees were in a boat coming from Libya trying to reach the coast of Europe. When the Muslims on the boat discovered their religion, they pushed the infidels into the sea to drown.

The original group of 105 people left Libya on Tuesday in a rubber boat. Sometime during the trip north across the Mediterranean Sea, the alleged assailants — Muslims from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal — threw the 12 overboard, police said.

Other people on the voyage told police that they themselves were spared “because they strongly opposed the drowning attempt and formed a human chain,” Palermo police said.

There is without any doubt an international War on Christians.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Well done Germaine Greer for Standing Up to the Bullies

I thought Germaine Greer had called off her talk at Cardiff University because of a bunch of silly students trying to "no-platform" her.
The LGBTs of Cardiff University (a group that of course gets funding from the Student Union, whose money comes ultimately from the tax-payer) launched a petition to ban her. Three counter-petitions followed demanding that the talk go ahead. It was reported in many places that she had decided to back down.
It would have been absurd if after being wrong about so many things all her life, she had stood down on this occasion when she happens to be in the right. They objected to her because she won't capitulate to "trans" nonsense. A man who cuts off his genitalia is not a woman, he is a eunuch. And a woman who cuts off her organs is...a female eunuch.

Women and Power: Germaine Greer at Cardiff University

In fact it doesn't matter whether one agrees with what Greer said when she finally turned up to give her lecture, about Women and Power. As Voltaire said "I may disagree with every word you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." And in the end there were more signatories for the principle of free speech than there were for the nasty, intolerant LGBT extremists. Their childish accusations that all other opinions are "hateful" were not allowed to prevail against the grown-up and more civilised principle of open debate.
Let's hope that many more victories over the LGBT nutcases follow.
We are in the middle of an intensive campaign to promote transsexual lies. It is proliferating in all the media and ILGA is behind it. Even conservative newspapers have adopted this nonsense of calling men "women" because they put on a dress or cut their goolies off.
The claim that "sex and gender are two separate things" is revealed as nonsense by the fact that so many transgenders carry on to have physical operations to make their bodies appear more like the opposite sex. They are severely disturbed people, possibly because or just in spite of taking artificial hormones. Trannies are appallingly violent and carry out innumerable rapes and murders. They are nothing like the glamorous image being presented by the media. Society must stop funding this madness and we must not let ourselves be bullied.
Well done Professor Greer.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Nov 21st is Adoption Day STOP FORCED ADOPTION

Please read, sign and share this petition to stop forced adoptions.
It is completely unacceptable that children are being taken away from their parents by social services for no good reason, and that social services has a built-in financial incentive for doing this.
Many parents feel that they have been treated with grave injustice. They have been cheated, lied to and overruled by the social services that are supposed to be there to help them.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame: Dominic Francis

Dom Francis, as he likes to be known, is the Oxford student who planned the demonstration to disrupt the funeral of Margaret Thatcher in April 2013. He organised fellow-students to stand on the route of the procession and turn their backs in disrespect. Some of them also shouted insulting slogans or threw missiles at police. His name is therefore synonymous with everything crude, uncouth and anti-social.
To impose their political opinions in such a way at such a moment of solemnity and mourning was gross discourtesy and utterly bad taste.

Dominic Francis

While his politics are as left-wing as the government of North Korea, newspapers revealed that "Dom" a mature student at the somewhat notorious Ruskin College, actually comes from a well-heeled background. His parents live in a £700,000 house in Tunbridge Wells.
Given that Dom took the lead in such a public display of belligerent beastliness at Lady Thatcher's funeral, it is amusing to discover that when online he presumes to accuse other people of "hatred and bigotry". According to him, it is "vile bigotry" to have a scientific discussion. Other people according to him don't speak, they always "spout" or "rant" if he doesn't like their opinions. He breaks out into hysteria and like all the worst students of his narrow-minded generation, immediately calls for those he disagrees with to be given "no platform". 

"No platform" should be the motto of Ruskin College, it is such a breeding ground of ignorant, knee-jerk dummies. 
They could put it on their college shield: Nullum podium propter odium...
The only person they would happily give a platform to is Kim Jong-Un.

At the height of his online tantrum, young Master Francis announced he was resigning from the discussion forum. But alas, this was a promise he has not yet kept. He is still listed as a member. Why, it is difficult to imagine, since he thinks that only his own ideas and opinions have any "legitimacy".

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame: Mark Bussell and Adam Ritchie

You won't find Mark Bussell's picture on the websites where he abuses and insults other people. In fact, he does this anonymously unless a forum manager intervenes and requires him to provide his name and e-mail address after he has posted his nasty little tirades.
Mark claims to have studied at the University of Manchester, but whatever they taught him there did not include either good manners or the basic principle that you read something yourself before you think you understand it, attempt to pass judgement on it, or publicly abuse the author. Mark thinks it's good enough to read a second or third hand allegation about what somebody has said and then abuse them online where the message can be read by thousands of people. 
      He does this while at the same time admitting that he hasn't got the faintest idea what I actually said. After insulting me, he writes "I don't understand what you are saying. What is your point Dr Gasper?" 
     I fully agree that he doesn't understand what I am saying and it's not surprising, since he hasn't taken the trouble to read it. It never occurs to him to do that. 

       On the basis of gutter journalism by the BBC, he accuses me of saying  that there is a "conspiracy of Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gay and Transgender people" and adds that it is "stupid" to think that they have a single consistent underlying philosophy. Of course, I have never said any where that anybody is in a "conspiracy".  Nor have I ever said that LGBTs have a philosophy. Ideology, yes, philosophy no.
      The stupid person is Mark Bussell, who has never heard of ILGA, the International Lesbian and Gay Association. This is, to quote their own website, an

International lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex association
ILGA is a worldwide federation of 1100 member organisations from 110 countries campaigning for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights.
Since 1978.
Mark is so ignorant that he does not know that our government and the EU have been financing these groups out of public funds for thirty years or more. They have cells inside the BBC (hence that article) all the other media, and in the political parties, the unions, the professional bodies, and every university. They get hundred of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money, yet the loud-mouthed dimwits such as Mr Bussell are still are not aware of their existence. He has never gone and checked whether they have an "agenda". If he did he would find they have, and it would be rather odd if they didn't, since why else would they need funding? He is not aware that, we the tax-payer, are forced to finance their annual conferences, their persistent lobbying in parliament, and their self-indulgent programmes and events all over the world.

Mark has never heard of ILGA-Europe which through the EU, gets huge amounts of funding to force its dogmas and agenda on the entire school system of the EU. If anyone attempts to educate Mark, all they get is abuse, and accusations that they have said there is a "conspiracy". So pardon me if I reach the conclusion that Mark is thick as well as rude.

The answer to his question "Do you think they want to take over the world?" is "It certainly looks like it, since they have brought a series of resolutions at the United Nations, 
in recent years, trying to force their increasingly extreme agenda onto every nation on the planet." Thank God, they have not yet succeeded, but the ignorance of the likes of Mark Bussell is one of their greatest assets. The evil thing is that we are forced to fund this attack on the world's freedom.
Mark claims to be a consultant in pollution and environmental matters. I would say that his own online behaviour is a form of pollution. He is pouring his filthy abuse into our environment, and so far there is no law that forces him or anybody else to clear it up. We need one.
Mr Bussell describes himself a "libertarian socialist" which is rather like claiming that he is a vegetarian cannibal, or a square triangle.
We can get some idea of his general level of education from the fact that he asks on the same public forum, "When is St George's Day?"

  Mark is not the only foul-mannered troll on this forum. An individual who calls himself John L Nealon thinks that it is polite discussion to abuse other people as "lunatics" without the slightest shred of rational evidence about anything whatsoever. 

And let us not forget the pompous and portly Adam Ritchie, who unleashed a flood of contempt when I simply pointed out that there is no evidence that homosexuality is innate. Boasting unblushingly of his position as a university lecturer, as if that proved anything, he used every tactic of argument except providing solid evidence to the contrary.  
He seems unaware that Peter Tatchell has always said that homosexuality is not genetic.

And when, quite soon afterwards, the British Royal College of Psychiatrists came out with a public admission that there is no evidence whatsoever that homosexuality is innate, I am afraid that the boorish and uncouth Dr Ritchie did not apologize to me. He is still convinced that he knows everything. But then most trolls are.